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About Us

Meet your online Aesthetician: Angela

Hello My Dear Web Browsing Friend!

Thank you for stumbling upon my page and getting to know Real Skin Health. I am Angela, I've been an Advanced Practice Aethetician for over 16 years now and you've happened to see some products I've used in my facial treatment/practice. 

Real Skin Health is a line I've have used in my treatments since 2006.  I've been in business since 2004, and needed a universal line to get people results in  treatments with concentrated ingredients and minimize redness reactions. My goal is to get the skin to a healthy, glowing state and reverse sun damage, uneven skin tone and reduce fine lines. I had difficulty in finding a line to meet all my professional needs, hence, Real Skin Health Skincare has grown out of a functional necessity and has been used frequently in treatment and at home by my clientele. 

I know the many different moisturizers and serums can be confusing, but don't worry, I'm here to help. Products are generally not one size fits all so if you find yourself stuck, please reach out via email or the chat button. After all, you are uniquely you so let's celebrate that! Also look for videos that explain the product. And as always, thank you so much for supporting small business and small business owners. 



As small business owner Angela Vyskocil, LSO, LT, LE, has worked in the cosmetic & surgery field for over 15 years, helping people heal and repair damage to their skin. She is also a Certified Laser Safety Officer, Certified Injection Specialist, and an Esthetician (Medical).

Angela is in her 40's, a wife of a chef and mom of a busy 5 year old boy. She loves to go to apple orchards, farmers markets and enjoys reading books in her spare time.

She loves to help others achieve results and meeting wonderful people along the way!

Currently all Real Skin Health Products are sold online or in our spa suite. 

If you are interested in carrying our line, please contact Angela at for wholesale pricing.